Join us for SCSW Racial Equity Ministry educational events for the first quarter of the year:
Looking Through an African-Centered Lens presented by Rev. Stephen Marsh, Lake Edge Lutheran Church
Part I:  Sunday, January 7  —       In The beginning:  Pre-Colonial Africa
Part II:  Sunday, February 18   —     The River of Struggle:  Black Life in the Americas
Part III:  Sunday, March 11  —      The Secret of Joy: How the Struggle Continues

Sessions will feature educational presentations about the history of slavery, beginning with the kingdoms that existed in Africa before the slave trade began, locations of Africans who were deported during the slave trade and locations where they were re-located in the Americas as slaves. An overview of the Middle Passage and some history of slavery and African-American life in the United States for the past 400 years will complete this brief introduction and probably whet our appetite to learn more!   

No registration required…Just come! This event is sponsored by the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Racial Equity Ministry Team.  This team was created as an outcome of the resolution that was passed at our 2017 Synod Assembly and is working diligently to help you to lift up matters of Racial Equity.  Please do put these events on your calendar and invite others to join you in becoming more educated on issues of racial justice.

All events will be held at New Life Lutheran Church, 7564 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison

We begin at 4:00 p.m., ending about 6:00 p.m.