To benefit Operation Giving Hope

Several months ago, Police Officer Heather Dzick, Madison PD, came to New Life to talk about her work in the community.  She partners with Project Respect and other agencies to work with victims of human trafficking, namely women and (their) children.  Operation Giving Hope gives these homeless families like clothing and school supplies.

New Life is hosting a donation drive to collect gently-used women’s and children’s clothing, school supplies, and (preferably wheeled) luggage.

Beginning Sunday, July 2, there will be a donation bin in the Community Room.  Collection will run through July 23rd and distribution by MPD to families will take place in mid-August.

School supplies will be popping up in stores much earlier than teachers would like, so if you are able to buy an extra item or two, please consider doing so.  Not sure what to do with all those clothes you’ve saved for the New Life Super Sale?  Now you’ve got a worthy destination!

If you are interested in sorting and/or delivering donations, or have questions, please contact Jillene Fisch 241-5244.

For more information on Operation Giving Hope, visit