Racial Disparity in our Community

Let’s Talk About It

Guided study, discussion of the key issues and a bit of history

Led by Kathy Michaelis

Sunday’s January 21st – February 11th

9:15-10:15 a.m.

Why do racial disparities continue to plague our country, our state and even our local community?  Many of us have been oblivious to the reality of life for people of color, but study after study show the dramatic gap in educational achievement, employment opportunities and overall quality of life that we cannot continue to ignore.  Becoming more aware is the first step.  Learning some history not typically taught in our classrooms helps to open our eyes.  And frank and honest conversation will bring a better understanding for us all.

January 21, 2018:  The Myth of Race

January 28, 2018:  How the racial wealth gap was created

February 4, 2018:   The New Jim Crow

February 11, 2018:  White supremacists by default: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible

Come to one, two, three or all four!