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For men, women and youth of the church, friends, and neighbors. The goal is to foster growth as a “Praying Church” within and beyond our church doors.

Lectio Divina involves reading and praying with a chosen scripture passage. It is a way of interacting with scriptures that is fluid and responsive to God’s movement. The practice of Lectio Divina can be done individually or as a group. If in a group you might take turns reading the chosen scriptures from the same bible translation or you might vary the translations. (ie. NIV, The Message, King James etc)

There are 4 components to this style of prayer and meditation on scripture. Richard Foster talks about the 4 parts of Lectio as a being a process like that of peeling away layers of an onion: “I read myself full, I think myself clear, I pray myself hot and let myself cool.” (let go) from “Prayer”, by Richard Foster.

Before starting: Begin with a prayer for openness.

1. Lectio-reading (Choose a scripture passage and read it aloud). Listen for words or phrases that capture your attention. Hear with your heart. Look for the “Words that shimmer” to you. (Richard Foster) If in a group you might speak those words or phrases out loud. Then take a moment or two of silence.

2. Meditatio-meditation (Read the same scripture aloud again.) Listen for sensory messages: What sights? What sounds? What smells? What tastes? What textures? Take a moment of silence.

3. Oratio-prayer: (Read the scripture aloud again.) Consider how the passage relates to your experience. What might God, the living WORD, be asking of you? What do you want to ask of God? (You might take several minutes to write a brief prayer. Pray your prayer aloud if you are comfortable.)

4. Contemplatio– contemplation: (Read the scripture one last time.) Sit quietly. Imagine you are sitting closely beside God, seeking comfort and peace. Don’t strive for anything-just be.

5. Closing Prayer: (Close with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise.) For example: “Thank you God for your wisdom and provision given to me through your precious scriptures. Amen.”

This practice of the experiencing the presence of God is based on “The Daily or Prayer of Examen” from St. Ignatius of Loyola- founder of the Society of Jesus (known as Jesuits)and lived over 500 yrs ago.

What it is: It is a prayer tool that allows us to pause and intentionally look for God’s presence and movement in our lives. It also helps foster and nurture an attitude of attentiveness and gratitude.


REST: Take time at the end of the day to stop and rest from the hurry. Create a quiet, sacred space to reflect. Start by simply inviting God into this reflection time with you.

REWIND: Like rewinding a video tape, go back to the beginning of the day and look over your entire day as it played out. Picture Jesus sitting beside you watching the tape, knowing that he looks at you in your day with “a scrutiny of love” as Richard Foster calls it.

REVIEW: As you go through the day, look for all the blessings you can be grateful to God for and thank Him. Look also for the places you could see God’s presence. Next look at the places where you faced challenges, didn’t feel God, or struggled. Ask God to lovingly look at that with you and to reveal any patterns or insights.

RELEASE: Turn the day over to God, to his provision and guidance. Ask for his help in areas you are being challenged. End with a prayer of thanks for his loving presence and care.

Note: This is great practice to do at the end of the day right before sleep. If by chance you do fall asleep during the prayer, that’s ok. You fall asleep in the arms of God!

Located in the Education Wing of the church. This room is designed specifically as a quiet place for both private and group prayer and is open anytime the church is open.
Taize Prayer Service: Scripture, music and prayer in a contemplative setting

September Outdoor Faith Walk: An interactive prayer/meditation experience for everyone!

Labyrinth Prayer Garden: Permanent outdoor labyrinth-Self guided walk for indv/groups

Indoor Prayer Labyrinth Walk: Often offered during Lent

Stations of the Cross: Self guided prayer during Lent, in our Worship Center Periodic classes on, or related to, Prayer

For more information or to volunteer as a Prayer Team member please contact the Church Office at 608-223-9337

Prayer Team

This team provides confidential prayer support for prayer requests received from any number of sources such as: Our Sunday Worship Seat Folder Prayer Cards, Community Room Prayer Request Box and confidential prayer requests received via phone, email or staff. Volunteers receive the requests via email and pray for that request for a week or more if needed. On Site Prayer: Is available per request by members of the prayer team such as in-home prayer, hospital prayer, following worship service etc. Prayer for specific ministries, requests & general prayer.

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