Re-Create with the Men of New Life

Re-Creation is vital for good spiritual health.  In the fall of 2017, New Life Men will be focusing on Re-Creation.

Re-Creation is Life-Giving.

Re-Creation is Soulful.

Re-Creation is Transformative

Re-Creation is Play. When we grow up, it would seem that men are to give up playfulness in order to be productive and to find their “true” value.  What we forget is that “true play” remains essential.  Too often, men substitute competitive play for true play thereby missing the point of pleasure for the sake of pleasure, as given as a gift from God.  Value comes from not only our successes, but most especially through our ability to not take ourselves too seriously.

At New Life, our Men’s Gathering will focus itself on true play.  And, while the games we play have a conclusion, the focus will be on the game and not the victory.  Here we can find the value of friendship, cooperative activity, and pleasure.

The creative energy produced by play and readily be translated into our everyday worlds in which men sometimes are forced to take themselves more seriously than God intended and thereby competitively diminishing the men in their worlds around them.

Gentlemen, come and be prepared to laugh, to be enriched, and to play.  Mostly the goal of Re-Create is to remember what it is to be children again where the joy of life is simply to be in the moment with one another.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in the Re-Creation Center.  Let’s Play!!

You can sign up online, in our bulletin , by contacting the Church Office at (608) 223-9337 or just come on out!  Come to the ones you can!