“Courageous Masculinity”

Join us for this DVD series for our New Life Men.

This gives New Life men an opportunity to meet others and explore the spiritual integrity of the masculine.

In this series, we’ll again explore the dimensions of the masculine from the perspective of courage.  What is courage?  How is it expressed today?  What challenges does courage face?  How are men courageous in the face of odds that are sometimes overwhelming?  What might have been our most courageous moments?  These are questions that will be explored as we also learn from each other.

As men, we answer the call to action, to duty to courage.  It’s who we are.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in the Re-Creation Center.  Let’s Play!!

You can sign up online, in our bulletin , by contacting the Church Office at (608) 223-9337 or just come on out!  Come to the ones you can!