Kingdom Keys Courses

At least twice each year, we offer our discipleship courses at New Life.  These are a series of four ten-week courses called “Kingdom Keys.”  Their purpose is to help us understand how to unlock the wonders and secrets of God’s Kingdom in our world.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is upon us.” – Mark 1

There series of courses is as follows:

Spirituality – Here we explore the tools we have to communicate effectively with God in the day to day.  We’ll converse about questions like: “How can we pray effectively?  What is worship really?  What are God’s intentions for the lives of people?, etc.”

Community – This is a course designed to help us know God’s intentions for the community called “The Church.”  We’ll discover more and more about what New Life Church is about and how we can become an important part of her.

Leadership – The third course is for giving us the resources we need to be effective leaders in the church, in the community, in the family, and more.  All people are leaders in their own particular time and place.  How can we be the best and make a difference?

Envisioning Your Ministry – We know that God has designs for us.  We have been hard-wired for God’s purpose to live through us.  In this course, we’ll discover all the more what God has in mind.  Then, we’ll be given the opportunities to do it.

Everyone is invited into the “Kingdom Keys” courses.

Upcoming Kingdom Keys Course: