Contemplative Prayer II

A Practice That Makes a Difference

Wednesdays, January 10th-31st   6:30-7:30 p.m.

Pastor Rob will be leading another course with regard to Contemplative Prayer beginning on January 10th.

This is a course for both beginnings and those who have already begun the practice for a good review.  There will be two avenues happening simultaneously each evening.  One pathway is for beginners and the other for those who took the class in the fall.  The meeting times are the same.

When Pastor Rob returned from the sabbatical, he talked about the value of Contemplative Prayer.  This is especially true in preparing our souls for a bold encounter with God as well as giving a true perspective with regard to the most challenging times of our lives.

Contemplative Prayer is a silent prayer style that opens the door to an awareness of the divine presence of God that is part of us all. It dates back to the time of Jesus and was further practiced by the Christian mystics of all times.

You don’t have to be a so-called mystic to experience, be blessed by, or find value in this rich style of prayers.  Everyone can do it.  And, everyone who does will experience a vitality that is next to none.

As well, the practice will give a new depth of understanding and experience of all the many other styles of prayer that are available to us.

This endeavor might just be the most fulfilling spiritual enterprise that you fulfill with your life.